Where there is suffering there is illusion

Buddhist tenet

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) , also known as tapping, is a self-help tool used to clear your mind of anxious and repetitive self-defeating thoughts, physical discomfort and even memories that carry strong emotional burdens. 

EFT is based on Eastern energetic healing traditions and focuses on tapping on the bodies meridian acupressure points.  Tapping creates a calming interruption from worrisome thoughts and emotions helping one find calm and release. 

For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them

 - TNH

Is EFT for you?

EFT is for you if you’re feeling emotional distress around any event, experience, trauma, or memory.  EFT works on insomnia, phobias, chronic worry, sadness, and even physical pain. 

Working with a qualified EFT practitioner increases the impact and value of your tapping practice. 

Often, we find that we can heal to an extent on our own, but this can deepen when working in partnership with another person who shares our same intention (healing you!). When we feel understood and supported, we come to understand ourselves better and are free to grow. 

  • Having trouble falling or staying asleep?
  • Sadness for no reason?
  • Worrying, worrying, worrying.
  • Sudden, intense fear?
  • Physical pain?

How Does EFT work?

Create lasting change

EFT works by tapping on the body’s meridian system, a network of flowing energy which transports qi, or life-force energy, throughout the body. For each tapping point, undesirable emotions such as shame, frustration, impatience, or dread is released, making space for regenerative feelings, such as compassion, care, appreciation, forgiveness and love. 

Tapping relaxes the nervous system and the mind.  When the body and mind are calm, the subconscious mind feels safe, allowing old beliefs and emotions to rise to the conscious mind and be released.  Letting go of painful emotions is possible through tapping as we interrupt the pattern of habit and repetition. 

So while initial results from hypnotherapy can be felt immediately, sessions are best completed in blocks of three to six.  This gives time to address harmful memories, long held mis-aligned beliefs and out of sync emotions.  Hypnosis is also used beneficially in helping you revive and remember your internal healing resources.   The goal is to give you the resources to manifest the life you desire.  Right Now. 

Chronic negative emotions and dis-ease create blockages in the energetic body.  Gently tapping on the body’s meridian points can release these blockages.  Negative emotions often have their roots in old trauma, sometimes even generational or inherited trauma.  These emotional blockages can eventually lead to physical pain.  Through tapping, we can open these blockages and relieve the pain.
EFT is the perfect system for creating lasting change.  The calm that tapping brings about actually creates new neural pathways in the brain. Studies show that when a person is calm their mind begins to open and they can see their situation very differently than if they’re aroused, anxious and afraid. We know that for lasting change to occur, we must change our thinking (and our outdated belief systems).  Through tapping we can experience our world differently, developing a sense of safety and a more expansive view of our situation. 

“Every story that causes you suffering is an illusion” 

-Martha Beck